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Stress -- a word that almost everybody uses every single day, especially if they are in college, already working or starting a family. But, stress isn’t all that bad because, you know, once you get through them, it makes you stronger. It’s kind of like a test to see if you could go through with what you are currently doing; to see if this is what you really want, what you really need or if it is really meant for you. Else, you would have simply quit because of all the frustration you are feeling. Everybody goes through stress but once it is over, you know that you became a better and a stronger person, and you realize why the thing you were doing caused you that much stress. And so, you change the things that you did that caused you stress and corrected your mistakes. This also goes for other things like software, hardware and others. They undergo a stress test to check if they are strong and stable enough to be used and sold in the market.
A stress test occurs to determine the robustness of software. For hardware, it is used to test the stability of the whole system of the entity. For short, a stress test is used to determine whether an entity is reliable.
Hardware stress tests are also known as torture tests. This is because hardware is tested to its limits, its breaking points to make sure that there is no error. It is done to:
• Determine the breaking points to know the limits of safe usage.
• Confirm of the intended functions and specifications are working.
• Know when and how the hardware is going to fail, and its modes.
• Test the stable part or operation of the whole system outside the standard usage.
As for software, the stress tests checks on its performance in terms of robustness, availability and error handling. Some of the stress tests undergone by software are the following:
• Session Handling
• Support for cookies, basic authentication and URL redirecting/SSL
• Configurable Think Time
• Browser Simulation
• Random Delay
• Bandwidth Simulation
• Proxy Support
• Batch Testing
• Response Validation
• Export Reports
• Quick Host Change
There are many more of these like IP Spoofing for IP address stress tests which support the simulation of a unique IP address in a web application. http://ip-grabber.com/frontend.cfm?module=stress_test

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